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RE: Phil Christopher, Collinwood crew, safecracking teams..

Postby joe_cora on Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:32 am

I was looking at my book shelf today and noticed the book 'Superthief' that I read in 08 (signed by R. Porrello). I was thinking, it said that Christopher was to be released sometime in 2009. I wonder if he was released? I found it so odd, that woman who just fell in love with him so quickly and wouldn't part from him no matter how many times he screwed up. I mean, the particulars of that were so curious that I can't help but wonder how things worked out for them...?

Also, does anyone know if the Collinwood crew is still around? It was interesting how, through Phil Christopher's safecracking and outright "bank burglary" (not bank robberies), took them all over the country. Cleveland had a robbery crew working in LA in the 70 and early 80s. Sometimes they would hook up with Christopher's group or Collinwood crew members on jobs. Traveling around, individuals from different mob factions and associations would sometimes hook up in LV OR LA. For example, having an Italian brunch at Jimmy Fratianno's apartment. I guess what I'm trying to get at is the interesting temporary associations and robbery/burglary teams that would hook up and mix and match on certain out-of-town jobs.

I thought that the best part, so to speak, of that book was the part when they finally set out on the United California Bank job. The description was dramatic, and I'm sure that could be made into a great movie. Actually, the text descriptions of all the robberies were nail-biting, and could work well for a movie. Maybe after this Irishman movie, that could be the next project? Unlike the 2011 movie, this story is not very well-known, and would be fresh movie territory. If it was done right, it could be a Goodfellas-type of movie. In addition, although the basic backdrop would be LCN, it wouldn't really be "another mafia flick" for some people to complain about, with the "bad guys" as it were, being German, Italian, Anglo-Saxon, Jewish, Irish, French, etc.
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